Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Disclaimer:  I am not, nor have I ever claimed perfection in my walk.  I am trying as best as I know how to walk the narrow path of Christ.  I am not ever attempting to give anyone license to do anything with their life.  We each are responsible for our own choices.  We each must weigh things against the Word of God.  I am merely trying to share my own thoughts and experiences in the spirit of Titus 2 as a sister in Christ.

My videos and writings are not addressed toward men.  Of course, anyone is welcome to view or read these things them if they wish.  If you are a man, and wish to contact me for the purpose of discussing or debating Biblical doctrine, please consider addressing  my husband  in your message.  I will forward it to him accordingly.  I do not believe in teaching nor debating men as per scripture.
Regarding my disclaimer, perhaps I should add....any messages involving rebukes, biblical/doctrinal debate, I have already received were forwarded to my husband accordingly. If you receive no reply from me personally, that is why. Thank you for your understanding.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Modesty or Sin?


Modesty or sin?  Which shall we chose sisters?  Which have you already chosen?

If our mighty God has opened our eyes to the truth in His Word and we even obey it for a time, how much greater of a sin when slowly slip away from it?  We who KNOW better!  Tis a very dangerous path to follow our flesh knowingly and willingly.  You may also lead others upon it.  Do you really want that?

Yes, I absolutely realize the definition of modest attire can be subjective, but only to a point.  There is no harm is striving to be feminine, womanly, pleasant, neat, orderly, clean, beautiful, colorful, etc.   We should certainly strive to please our husbands in our appearance. 

However, we can go too far.  There is a point when describing oneself as modest just simply no longer applies.  We can go beyond a “grey area” of things just being “subjective”. 

One other point…….When we see someone doing walking away from modesty, shall we encourage them in this sin?  It is tempting to do so as it seems we can justify our own desires to do the same things!  God forbid!  Should we not try to gently help them back along a narrow path?!

I know it is likely someone may remind me it is more important to be modest of the heart.  Yes, that is true.  But your attire reflects your inner heart.  One’s heart IS more important!  But I highly doubt one with a truly modest and humble heart will even want to partake in the attire that belongs to a harlot.

I realize also many may even go as far to find this judgmental.  People tend to jump on that bandwagon with this particular topic.   I hope and pray not, as it is not the spirit in which it is intended. 

I have many times been tempted to fall into the vanity of the world and slowly loosen the standards of Biblical modesty.  Often I have argued the point of it all being “subjective” or “grey areas” with room for personal liberty.  But if I get really honest with myself, it is merely vanity and pride trying to crepe in. 

I encourage all sisters to study on biblical nakedness.  It is the Bible where we must get our definitions.  Define modesty by the standards the Word sets, not the world.   The world is so far from Bible standards it should be an easy enough task.   Then you will not have to worry so much about it being a “subjective” term.  You do have some liberty in how you dress. 

Just be sure you are modest and chaste as you are scripturally required to be as a believer in Christ.
If you find you have indeed strayed from the Bible’s definition of modesty, then repent of it, and determine to walk a narrow path in humility.  May we walk that path together and help one another along it daily.

I Timothy 2
9In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; 10But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works. 11Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. 12But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. 13For Adam was first formed, then Eve. 14And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. 15Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

Titus 2
3The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; 4That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, 5To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

Let's be REAL!!!

Sister, are you a liar?  I am guessing you are!  I know I am.

Whether it be intentional or unintentional, quite often many of us have a tendancy to lie.  Wait!  We know scripture says that is a sin.  However, we still do it.  Let us be truly REAL, most especially with ourselves.

If you said you didn't lie, I might not say it outloud....but I would be thinking it....yeppp, still lying.

You may think I am being comical.  In a way I am.  However, I am also deadly serious.  This IS a SERIOUS ISSUE.  Sometimes we lie to other folks, but probably more often that naught, we lie to ourselves.  Hear me clearly on this!!!  You will not overcome sin in your life on any level, unless you are truthful with at LEAST yourself!  To expect otherwise is ridiclous.  You can NOT repent of, what you refuse to acknowledge.

Still don't believe me?  Let's examine some things.

If you are a stay at home wife/Mama...How do you act when your husband comes home from working?  Do you act tired from a hard day's work, when in reality you probably spent 1-2 hours at most working and the rest sitting in front of the computer. (or in front of the tv, or with your nose in a book) 

Did you really work as hard as you pretend?  Do you even go as far as to blame the children and say they were a handful and you couldn't get much done?

Maybe if you are in a position of working outside the home, you do the same with your boss.  Do you pretend you worked a hard day's work, when you spent a lot of time surfing the net?

Do you put on appearances?  For example, do you pretend to be a wonderful Mother who always drops everything to put your children first?  (when your child begs for a little attention you say not now.  This repeats dozens of times in the day until you find at the end of the day, you never did make time for the child)

Do you pretend you are always fixing delicious homemade meals from scratch? (when half or more are fast food or from a box)

Do you pretend you keep a wonderful clean home all the time? (when reality is the only time it is presentable is when you know you have company coming)

When guests arrive, do you apologize for the mess, trying to imply that this is the worst your home may appear? (when in reality you just spent 5 hours cleaning like your life depended on it)

Do you pretend you never lie or manipulate your husband? (when you do daily, if not hourly? even in subtle unmeaniful way just to exert your control and skill)

Do you say you respect your husband? (when in reality you wouldn't speak to a dog as mean as you speak to him on occasion)

Do you lie to even yourself saying you never manipulate him? (but if you seriously and truthfully examine your heart, you know you do regularly)

Do you act like one person in church? (but you act entirely differently at home)

Do you act like a martyr wife/mom?  Always pretending to be this wonderful wife and/or mother, who is so self sacrificing? (when in reality, you know you could do a billion times better and in fact are you not only not self sacrificing, you are outright lazy)

Do you claim to be a lovely, modest Christian lady? (when in reality you are showing off just as much of your body as a woman who does not know God)

Do you claim to support and uphold Christian standards? (but in reality, you see your friends falling off of the narrow path and you not only don't help them back on, you encourage them in it and openly attack anyone who tries to be truthful)

Do you claim you are teaching your child wonderful Biblical values? (but in reality, your child just played all day, watched cartoons, etc)

Do you claim you don't have a problem with gluttony? (when in reality you can make an idol of food and you spend huge amount of your thoughts dedicated to what will you eat next)

Do you claim you don't drink? or just drink socially? (when you aren't far from needing to go to AA)

Do you admonish a man for looking a pornography? (when in reality, many of the books/magazines you read are every bit as bad as what you would condemn him for)

Do you pretend to have it all together? (when in reality, you frequently feel like you are falling apart)

These are just some of MANY MANY possibilities.  As I admitted at the start of this, I DO NOT claim perfection.  I am not saying a woman has to be all of the things claimed above. 

I am simply trying to get us to really think and realize we often have these images of ourselves and how we are, who we are, and what we do.....we should not think more highly of ourselves than what we are.  That is called PRIDE.  Remember pride is not a sin to be taken lightly.  It can and will keep us from real and true repentance.

We have to admit, what and where we are with each of these things(and others) to be able to utterly repent where repenting is due.  Until we repent, we won't move on and make the necessary corrections.

The scriptures are where we must seek for how we should live. My standards, or your neighbors standards are irrelevant. God's standards are what matter.  How do we measure up to them?  Well we can not begin to compare, until we REALLY OPEN OUR EYES to who we REALLY are.  I pray we all may keep clear vision on God's truth, so we may become more like Him.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Answers to Weight Loss Question

This was something I wrote up a little while back to answer the questions folks are sending about my weight loss. 

To those who are asking about what I am doing to lose weight, I thought I would post to try to answer all at once.

Most important thing is being accountable for what I eat. I log the food. Even if it is a bad day, whatever goes in my body is written down. I use a FREE online journal to do that. It is easier than writing it all down and doing the math manually. The site I use is however there are others like sparkpeople and so forth. It does not matter how you log your food as long as it is done. The important thing is you HAVE to know what you are eating.

Unless you are really good at it, don’t “eyeball” your food measurement. Get the measuring cups out and measure. Get a cheap food scale for weights too(only about $10). Having baked a lot I can eyeball a cup of something pretty well, but the weight of meats I am a terrible judge. Don’t guess, make sure. There isn’t a lot of point in writing it down if it isn’t true.

I watch calories AND carbs. For me that is very important as my endocrine system has not been normal. If you just want to watch one, then more power to you, it will still help you. I have been changing my goal around as I need to, but the amount of carbs and calories a person needs is individual. For me, my calorie goal is currently 1300 and my carbs is around 80 a day. It should be a fair amount higher for a person of my weight....according to all popular advice and calorie calculators.  But again, my endocrine system isn’t fully normal. I am hypothyroid and I have been diabetic (that is now in remission). So what my body needs to lose, is going to be different that you most likely. I pay little attention to fat content like some people do. I do not seek out lowfat foods intentionally. I do not believe fat is bad for your body, unless it is in a extreme excess. I know many would disagree with there, and that is okay.

Exercise....I walk often, and if I don’t do that I am on my stationary bike. I also have been making use of the gym at the rental office. It doesn’t matter what you do, even hard cleaning counts, just move more. I have been exercising about 20-45 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Intensity counts, and be honest with yourself. I have exercised more in the past few months than I ever have in my entire life.

WATER WATER WATER Drink a lot. It helps your body and organs tremendously. It helps you feel full when you are hungry. It helps you to just simply feel better. It keeps you regular. It is very important and I absolutely will not skip it.

I did give up soda mostly. I find it too addictive. If I drink one, I want 12. There is nothing good for you in it anyway. You don’t HAVE to do that to lose weight obviously, but your body will thank you if you do. I don’t like most artificial sweeteners, so I won’t do diet soda at all. I would rather have none.

I do take supplements. Mostly just a multivitamin, plus I supplement vitamin D pretty aggressively. I do not take, nor will I ever EVER take weight loss drugs.  Kelp for my thyroid is very useful.

I am trying to eat new foods, even ones I don’t like just because they are good for me and I know my body needs them. Some have turned out tasty, some are still nasty. But I am learning that quote I have heard so many time. “Eat to live, don’t live to eat.”

I am NOT, nor will I ever be perfect. I have days where I get a bit high or have food treats...but I log them...and I try not to have another for a while. I have days where I feel tired and I don’t work out as much, or the same intensity...but I do still try to get SOMETHING in. My mental mindset has been a HUGE change in the past few weeks. I found it important to acknowledge I had a problem with gluttony. You can not repent of, what you refuse to acknowledge. It would be easy to cry that my hypothyroid caused my problems, or blame various things....but in MY case, I undeniably had an issue with gluttony. I will battle that thorn in my flesh as long as I live. I will have to log my food forever. It is a DAILY battle, and while I am getting quite used to it, I know I could fall off of the wagon at any point. I pray for strength from God, and I am so thankful He guides me in this journey each day. He lifts me so much. Without God, I would surely fail.

I hope than answers the questions I have had. I have a very, very long way to go still. It took many years to get here, and it is going to take a long time to reach a healthy weight. Health is a treasure, not to be taken lightly or cast aside with little care. Blessings to those of you are are on the same journey!

Weight Loss Video update Down 50.8 lbs