Saturday, March 26, 2016

Weight Loss Journey Update

I truly had no idea it has been so long since I updated.  Wow.  How time gets away!!  I recently updated the weight loss journey on youtube, so I wanted to link to that for those who follow that subject.

I also created a new group for Christian Keto on Facebook.  I am in other facebook groups that involve a LCHF 'diet' or 'way of eating', but I wanted one that was a little safer for incorporating faith and prayer.
If you have trouble with the link just search Christian Keto ( LCHF ) on Facebook.

So if you are interested in or currently following a Ketogenic Diet feel free to join there.  It is not a place to debate the way of eating, but it is okay to join to learn about it.

Here is my most recent progress picture.  As it is marked, it is absolutely not for reproduction for any dietary product.  Please do not use or share without permission.  I know I still have a long way to go, but yet I realize I have come a long way too.  I admit I hate sharing my own pictures, but I do so in hopes to encourage those of you desperately trying to lose weight too.  With God all things are possible!

I have quite a few things I think I want to write along the dietary topic.  Hopefully that doesn't bore followers.  I know I probably have more blog followers for the topic of faith related, or sewing related reason.... not weight loss related probably.  But this blog is a mixed thing, just like life.   :-)

I do have some faith based things bubbling on my heart.  I might end up doing video, we will see as I have time.  For now, I figured I should link to these two new things.

Blessings in Christ!!


  1. Oh my goodness that's great!!! I'm not on any kind of diet yet. After the little one is born. :)

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  3. So happy for you and your perseverance Sis:) God bless you!

  4. What a great article! Thank you for sharing. Praying for you, in this journey. :)

  5. Hi Eleanor,
    Thank you for your post. You look amazing! I hope to see more post on your blog but I know being a busy mom you don't have much time for blogging. Lord bless you!

  6. Oh and by the way, I think you have a spammer post st 7:08am. You might want to delete it. Have a blessed day!

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