Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Open Your Eyes to the Past and Present

*Warning some emotional and heavy content is in the article.*


I read an article about this earlier, but I wanted to see in context exactly what she said.  Here is the article for reference.


It is not the first time this woman has spouted off some seriously dangerous ramblings. (namely the notion children belong to the community) 

Gracious me, can people not see that such things absolutely smack of eugenics??  Can you really, and honestly look a human life in such a callous and cold way?  Some people clearly do.  All down through time one group of people have tried to annihilate another.  Look at history.  If anyone thinks that the sort of thing the Nazi's did to people was "for the better good", God help you.  It is pure and utter evil, as is abortion at any stage!! 

This woman did not call it Eugenics.  I put the video up so you can form your own conclusion about her words.  However, it is my opinion that this what is being preached here and by many others today.  If life doesn't begin until the parents "have a feeling it begins" then murdering your children at any point is acceptable. 

It is implied when a child isn't 'normal' it is "different for that parent", thus not life.  It just plain eugenics.  It's killing to purify the races.
She also is among the holocaust deniers according to the article linked to above.  A person can deny evil exists all they wish to.  It doesn't make it go away.  You can even rename it.  It is still evil.  

If you don't denounce evil, and do everything in your power to be unlike it, you might become thus in your ignorance.  Study history, and study the ways of a Holy God.   Then chose your path accordingly, and knowingly.  Don't run for the fires of hell like a lost lemming.

In the end God will triumph.  Make no mistake, we all will be answering for our lives, choices, and sins.  God help those who have taken innocent life.  God help those of us who stand by and watch it happen.  God help those who have not repented and fallen on their knees and accepted the blood of Christ for all of our sins. 

There is forgiveness available through repenting of the evil, and accepting the grace Christ has so graciously offered.  Praise God for that!  However, remember you can not repent of that which you don't even acknowledge.

I have to admit, this all has kicked up my anger.   I am tired of seeing statements like in the above video just ignored by the population.  This person is employed and televised on a major media outlet!!! The 1940's were not really so long ago.  Yet we sit by and openly condone such statements!!

History is mocked and ignored.   Folks find it boring and useless.  Well you know what, I did too.  That is why I am starting to take it personally.  I find it fascinating now.  I do not know everything by any means.  I am trying to learn what I can, as I can.  I had an issue with not wanting to study or read anything "too heavy".  If I blindly close my eyes, and stick my fingers in my ears all because I don't want to hear about things that might run my good mood....shame on me!  I have been so guilty of that!!  I still fight that notion even after I realized my foolishness.  This not a warm and fuzzy world I would like it to be.  Trying to stay in one's happy place is just an ostrich sticking it's head in the sand.  It is not fruitful.

The older I get, the more I see if we ignore it, we become ignorant.  We become complacent.  We are that much more willing to stand idly by while genocide goes on in front of our faces.  We are silent in the face of it.  WAKE UP!!!!!  If you don't know much, make it your personal mission to start learning.  The internet is a vast array of reading at your fingertips.  (Do indeed realize that sometimes history is slanted toward the viewpoint of the writer.  Thus, read a lot of sources, and study often.) 

If we do not, we will forget or deny major events like the holocaust which killed nearly 6 million people.  It was genocide.  We will forget the experiment in Eugenics that was occurring on mass.  We will forget the many little children who were separated from their parents,  stripped naked, and gassed to death.  Children who were experimented on in ways that make me want to vomit.  Josef Mengele who was an SS officer and "physician" was infamous for performing experiments on children.  He done evil things such as injecting children's eyes with chemicals, attempting to change their eye color.  Sewing the backs of children together, which caused horrendous pain and infection.  Many, many more things that my mind can not even process.  I don't want to process it really.  All of this in the name of race purification.

If we are ignorant, we will not see the warning signs when they are screaming right in front of our faces.  Don't be sheep led by an unholy media that is skilled in twisting truth and lies so they are no longer visible.

If you truly open your eyes, this is not unlike what some elitists of our modern era tout.  Many of whom are well known to support eugenics and population control.  They use a different more politically correct language.  Abortion is nice sanitized name we give murdering a child by ripping the new life out of the sanctuary of it's Mama's womb.  This very literally tears off it's arms and legs.  Of course if the child is older, we stab them in head with scissors as "the fetus" is being born, then neatly suction their brains out before they come out to take their first breath.  (Partial birth abortion)  Such a nice name for such a horrific murder. 

Yet now, "if life doesn't begin until the parents have the feeling it begins" where is the line now?  I have heard some say less than 3 years old, or less than 5 years old.  So my little daughter Elisabeth, who is now 2 would be still young enough in their eyes for me to take her life.  She is so innocent.  Her biggest problem a few minutes ago was that she dropped her peanut butter sandwich and had it stuck on her foot.  She so trustingly came over to have me remove it.  Big blue eyes, pleading for a little help.  She is truly precious.  However, she gets ornery sometimes and is quite loud.  She wakes me up a lot at night. Should I then take her life for the sake of my convenience?  How arrogant and evil!  I am sure I annoyed my Mama too occasionally. Thankfully she was patient and loving to me. 

How about you as a child?  Perhaps your hair wasn't the right color.  Your eyes just aren't right.  You don't speak as well as you should.  Your iq is a tad low.  You just don't look as pretty as it was hoped you'd be.  Do you deserve death at the hand of the very person God designed to protect you and care for you?  God forbid!!!

I ask for your prayers.  I know this isn't my normal writing.  You might call it ranting.  It is something I had to say though.  I know most of my readers are as rabidly against abortion as I.  But how many of you see statements like in the above video as concerning? I don't suppose it is her statement that bothers me as much as the apathy of people who hear it.

As I mentioned, I am no picture of perfection.  I have made some seriously stupid and evil statements in my own life over the years.  God forgives me and teaches me His ways daily and I try to repent of my idiocy when my eyes are opened to it.  I am so thankful for Him and the light He brings in my life.

I ask you pray for anyone that thinks selective murder is okay.  God be with us all, and may He teach us His ways.

If you have time, view this.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Woman at the Well

Sometimes we as believers are rebuke happy.  We go forth rebuking anyone and everything.  We mean well, but we sound so harsh.  We are one big bundle of negativity.  Many people think of someone who is religious as being one of those dogmatic or 'legalistic' people.  Folks are driven to hate the word "religious" because of it.

Then there are those of us who are "love" happy.  We are all flowers, kittens, and fluffy clouds in personality.  We might cross the line into a false prosperity gospel.  We might preach/teach everything is all wonderful and perfect for God's people all the time.  We don't speak out against sin nor dare step on toes.  For the record, people think of that as being fake and dislike it about as much as the previous example.

How should we really be?  Balance is needed.  We are to obey God's ways and His Word.  There IS that place for pointing out sin. 

There is also the 'heart of the law'.  We can NOT forget that part!!! 

We need to indeed teach and encourage each other to follow God's Word.  It should be done humble and loving encouragement, not in prideful condemnation.  Sin is not to be ignored lest it lead us to ruin.  However, please remember the heart of the law.  "Let He who is without sin cast the first stone."  "There is none righteous, no one"

None of us are born of perfection.  Let us ENCOURAGE one another along a NARROW path.  Forgive freely and give grace to others as you were given so.

I am thinking on all of this because of a local news story.  A lady who was facing hard times took a couple dollars from a public fountain.  She was arrested and is actually facing potential jail time over it.  She has stated she was so nervous, scared, and very sorry for having done so.  She is in the process of losing her home and kitties.  She was hungry.

So many opinions on this subject.  Some are harshly rebuking the sin of theft.  Some justify the action and see absolutely no wrong in it. 

It is wrong to take something that doesn't belong to us.  How easy it is to give a person grace and forgiveness on this matter?!  Some things are hard to forgive in life, and we struggle against our flesh to do so.  Is this so difficult?  Really?

If Christ caught her at this well taking coins that were not hers, but left behind by others, how would He react?  Would He pick up stones and start casting?  Would He ignore it?  Given her repentance, I think He would say go and sin no more.

If we can't forgive a poor woman for taking a couple bucks from a public fountain because we are so focused on condemning her sin..... then we are just like the Pharisees who received the harshest rebukes from Christ!

I say we remember the Word and we try to obey it, but while doing so we never forget grace.  We never forget the evil and sin He saved us from.  Instead of casting stones, about we offer a helping hand up?

What do you say?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Winterizing my Patio Doors with Vinyl Tablecloth

 I had a weird idea I decided to try this year.  The patio doors in our apartment might as well not have doors at all.  They don't block a lot of air.  In the winter, wow, so cold!!!  The apartment has vertical blinds hung, which I really dislike.  They do nothing to help the cold issue.

So each year we have to hang something additional overtop of the blinds.  We also need to be able to move in and out of them.  Thus totally plastic-ing the door off isn't practical either.

Previously, we hung an old quilt up on a rod using those little rings with clips on them.  It worked, and looked "country cute" which both my husband and I were fine with.  However, the one major beef I had with it, is it let in no light.  Being that me and the children are home all day most days, I need to have some light as much as possible. 

I also thought perhaps something a little more neutral would be better.  Heavy plastic usually blocks the most, but again, it wouldn't work.  I thought about clipping plastic up with the rings, so it could slide back and forth like a curtain but that'd be so ugly.

Then I had a bright idea to use that "lace" vinyl tablecloth by the yard that is sold at places like JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby.  If you use a coupon, it isn't bad at all.  I paid $3 per yard and needed 5 yards to do it.  I did also take an used flannel sheet to "back it" with as additional insulation.  So it has a layered effect.  The vinyl will block cold, and the flannel insulates a bit.  But both are cream colored and allows some light through.  They are neutral, and at a glance, they just look like normal lace curtains.  I am surprised at how much it looks like curtains actually.

They make some insulated thermal stuff I considered strongly.  It has the reflective mylar inside of it that would be awesome for winterizing the door.  But it is about $40 a yard, even after a coupon it would still cost probably a $100 to get enough yardage and would block all light.  It would also need an additional fabric overtop of it to make it look nice.    Most store bought premade thermals are simply not long enough.

My option may not be as "efficient", but I think it is going to work for us.  It won't block all of the cold air perfectly, but it allows us to use the door and should still greatly lower our electric bill.

I did end up using the sewing machine and zig zaging the vinyl and the flannel together at the top, folded over, but it wasn't totally necessary.  It just helped the layers lay better and it to look more the real curtains at the top. (wowsers was that a pain to sew too).  You don't absolutely have to do that to make it look decent and work though.  Thus this can totally be a no sew project.

Just passing on my odd idea for keeping out the cold.  I am sure it could be adapted to changed to suit many needs.

Homeschool Bones

So I was at JoAnn's the other day buying fabric for my sewing headcovering orders for my sister site www.covered4him.com.  While waiting in line (which was admittedly trying my patience that day) Daniel kept seeing all of the Halloween stuff.  In our home, we make the choice not to celebrate that holiday.  Daniel kept chatting about it rather loudly, which was drawing dirty looks from other people.  Thus, I was really wishing the line would move faster.  Yes, I know, we are horrible mean parents who are cruel to our children for not celebrating that holiday.....anyway....

This post isn't to talk about Halloween...I had an idea I wanted to share.    While standing there for so long, it game me the opportunity too see all of the impulse buys they have line up to entice folks.  LOL

I seen these little wooden skeletons that are meant to be colored with markers for a $1.  I thought, hey, it is a good visual aid for our homeschool.  We bought it, and then looked up in a book all of the bone names and marked on the back of it.  Daniel thinks it is very neat. 

So, sometimes the Halloween items can have another purpose that might be useful.